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  • Robust
  • Simple to Align
  • Repeatable setups
  • Easy to Maintain

We have been designing, developing and fabricating custom camera support and accessory equipment for the film industry for the last six years.

Pictured on the right is our latest design, the Alterna GV-4. With its large mirror and open design it can accommodate many different camera types opening up more possibilities for producers and rental houses alike. Perfectly suited for the RED ONE, EPIC and ALEXA camera bodies with PL mount lenses down to 16mm.


One recent project took two of our GV-25 HyperStereo rigs with RED One's to the last Space Shuttle launch.


The Alterna GV-25 boasts a total I.O. capability of 25 inches. Ideal for large and distant subjects beyond 15 feet such as sporting events, landscapes, wildlife, city views (or Space Shuttle launches!).
Currently available for rent or purchase.




The Alterna GV-4 Beamsplitter was recently employed to shoot the live action footage for a JPL 3D public relashions short.




Shot inside the famous "DARK ROOM", all the live telemetry comes in from around the world. From Voyager to the Martian rovers, it was quite the thrill for us tech’s!



Six years ago we developed a cinematic Andromeda DVX using our exclusive Z-Box DOF adapter.
Pictured, (blurred for legal reasons) is a 3D stereoscopic beam splitter design using HVX-200 cameras. It is unique in that it can vary the inter-ocular distance from 0"-4" on the fly. This rig was designed and fabricated for a NY based 3d production company in 5 weeks and went directly into production on the feature "Call of the Wild"
This next beamsplitter rig was designed around light prosumer Sony Ex3's. This lightweight beamspilitter first debut at CineGear 2009. It is also capable of mounting RED bodies. It went on to shoot several projects including at least two feature productions and still in use today.
We have a rich history developing and fabricating Stereoscopic beamsplitters. Pictured here is our Third generation formerly know as the BX3. It is still in production today.
Be on the lookout for the next generation product from MagiCine.

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